Yantai Equipment Manufacturing Industry to Optimize Industry and Product Structure as Future Directions

In recent years, the rapid development of Yantai equipment manufacturing industry has created a high-industrial equipment manufacturing high-tech industrial cluster in Jiaodong Peninsula with a high level of industrialization. A number of manufacturing projects with large investment scale, high technological content, and high added value have been completed and put into production. , Injecting vigor and vitality into the sound and rapid development of the local export-oriented economy.
In order to further speed up the optimization of the industry and product structure and create a manufacturing base for the peninsula, the just-introduced “Reform and Revitalization Plan for Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Yantai” has increased investment, accelerated technological progress, vigorously applied information technology, and increased efforts to attract investment. Strengthen business management as a strong infusion of Yantai equipment manufacturing. In the next two years, Yantai will focus on the development of CNC machine tools, special machines, and core functional components, increase the R&D and production capacity of complete sets of local enterprises, rely on local leading enterprises, and develop engineering machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and refrigeration equipment. Engineering construction machinery and special equipment manufacturing. At the same time, we will firmly seize the favorable opportunity of national policy encouragement and the construction of Haiyang nuclear power, accelerate the development of new energy equipment manufacturing industries, and promote the intelligent, integrated, miniaturization, fire protection, energy saving, and environmental protection of electrical and electronic equipment products at the periphery. Development direction.

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Pre-Dispersed Rubber Chemicals With NBR As Binder

Pre-Dispersed Rubber Chemicals With NBR As Binder, Basic Accelerator For Sulfur-cured NBR Rubber

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